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As an experienced and passionate Voice Coach, I believe in an approach that gives clients positive, constructive ways to learn. I design my sessions according to your individual needs, whether that is strategies to strengthen your online voice and presence, vocal extremes, technical work for singers, voice for character work, basic accent coaching, vocal health or confidence-boosting activities, I can help you.


Do you want to learn to use your voice without it becoming fatigued? Clients learn vocal technique and tips for healthy voicing in a business setting, when offering online coaching (including sports coaching), and when singing or entertaining online. 


Book a lesson now to learn how to sing and speak with ease and confidence and hone your vocal technique and stage craft. Increase your range and control and become more versatile. Build self-awareness with strategies to combat anxiety or stage fright. As a trained actor/singer myself, I understand the importance of a free voice for versatility and for longevity of your career. I am able to motivate you and guide you towards success in all areas of vocal production. I work with professional artists, students who want a career as singers and those who want to sing for fun. I primarily work with the contemporary commercial voice, and musical theatre singers. I also work on technical issues and performance technique with blues and soul singers, classical crossover artists and classical singers.


I am one of a handful of experienced Vocal Rehabilitation Coaches (VRCs) who have met British Association of Performing Arts Medicine's stringent competencies to offer vocal health advice and rehabilitation coaching. Whilst I am not of the medical profession, I am privileged to work along side Speech Language Therapists and offer this service.

BAPAM have a directory of practitioners who have specialist skills who can assist you if you have any performing arts related medical problem. 

If you find yourself in need, another association which maybe able to assist you is Help Musicians UK.


I usually find a way to talk about moving your career forward in sessions anyway! I can't help it. But, if you wish to make an appointment/s where you put my brain to work to make your career work for you, then I'd love to help you.





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