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Voice in Business

Do you want to learn to use your voice without it becoming fatigued?

I offer strategies for those who depend on their voice for their livelihood. Clients learn vocal technique and tips for healthy voicing in a business setting. 

If you are looking for health and safety assessment for voice users in the workplace or advice on vocal health, I can offer sessions in your work space or 1:1 sessions in my teaching studio.


Past clients have included teachers in training, lecturers, call centre workers, people in business and sports coaches.



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If you require me to work with your team, please contact me for day and half day rates. Client confidentiality is fully respected.


Vocal Rehabilitation

The British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) have a directory of practitioners who have specialist skills and can safely offer vocal rehabilitation coaching. I am one of a handful of BAPAM Registered Practitioners who work with the voice.


Please note, you should visit your GP and get a referral to a specialist Voice Clinic if you have:

1. Any vocal symptom lasting more than 2-3 weeks

2. Any vocal symptom lasting more than 2 weeks following resolution of a bacterial/viral infection


You can contact BAPAM about any health related matter via their website here or call them on 020 7404 8444. *(I will be on their website asap).

If you are unable to work due to a voice problem you can also get help and advice from Help Musicians UK

Client confidentiality is fully respected.*CURRENTLY ONLY TAKING ONLINE BOOKINGS Click to book.


Singing Lessons

Do you want to learn to sing with freedom and confidence? 

I offer strategies professional artists and students who want a career in the arts. Clients learn vocal technique, stage craft, vocal health tips for touring or they may turn to me for vocal rehabilitation sessions.

I primarily work with the contemporary commercial voice, and musical theatre singers. I also work on technical issues and performance technique with blues and soul singers, classical crossover artists, classical singers and people who sing for fun.


Contact me today if you want to increase your range and control and become more versatile, build self-awareness with strategies to combat anxiety or stage fright.

Client confidentiality is fully respected. *UPDATE: CURRENTLY ONLY TAKING ONLINE BOOKINGS Click here to book. 

I also offer performance coaching at your rehearsal space. Send me a message and we'll arrange that for you.  

Voice for Actors & Performance Artists

As an experienced and passionate Voice Coach, I believe in an approach that gives clients positive, constructive ways to learn. I design my sessions according to your individual needs, whether that is strategies to strengthen the voice, voice for character work, vocal extremes, technical work, basic accent coaching, vocal health or confidence-boosting activities, I can help you.

As a trained actor myself, I understand the importance of a free voice for versatility and for longevity of your career. I am able to motivate you and guide you towards success in all areas of vocal production.


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I also run workshops for actors, voice over artists and those who use voice in arts based practice across the North East of England and nationwide. If you are a theatre company or a visual or conceptual artist looking for coaching for your production, whether it be vocal health, projection or any other help, please contact me here.



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