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Pippa Anderson

- more than just a voice coach

Voice Care Specialist

Vocal Rehabilitation Coach (Clinical Performing Voice Specialist) 

  • Do you need an experienced and qualified person to help you navigate a vocal issue?

  • Have you have been to a voice clinic and been advised to work with a vocal coach?

  • Do you want a healthy voice for the longevity of your career?

  • Do you need someone to sprinkle fairy dust and tell you what direction to take?

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If you have experienced a vocal issue lasting more than 2-3 weeks or persisting for more than two weeks after the resolution of a viral or bacterial upper respiratory infection you can speak with your GP and get a referral to a voice clinic.

The British Voice Association (BVA) provide a comprehensive list of all NHS voice clinics.

Please note, if you are a performer or a performer in training, you can ask to be referred to a Specialist Voice Clinic listed in BAPAM's referral recommendations document. (You can also pay for a private consultation). 


The British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) has some excellent resources here if you are a performer. 

BAPAM also provide Performing Arts Medicine Clinics and free training.