If you are too busy to travel, if you are in a different time zone to me or if you have some issues which you need to work through between in-person sessions, the Video Exchange packages are an excellent way to access my services.


The '3 x Videos and 3 x Responses Package' is ideal if you have a couple of things you would like to work on. We can work through any issues over the 3 sessions. This package can lead to some really valuable work.


You will send your first video explaining what you whant to work on and include any goals you'd like to achieve. You can also sing to me or show me a monologue/speech and I will respond with tips and techniques to help you achieve your objectives. We'll repeat this process a further 2 times! 


*This service involves downloading a free app (which is so easy to use). It works best on a phone or tablet. You will recieve further instructions on completion of purchase. I can't wait to work with you!

3 x Videos and 3 x Responses Package

    • This package has been designed for people on the go who have busy lives. You can record a video at any time convenient for you and send it to Pippa Anderson via the app.
    • It is expected that a video will last up to 5 minutes. 
    • The video package must be used within 1 month of purchase.
    • Response times from Pippa Anderson - The Voice Coach may vary but will be conducted in a timely manner.
    • No responses will be sent out on a Sunday. 
    • The video response cannot be shared unless you have permission from Pippa Anderson - The Voice Coach.



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