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People of Newcastle Speak Martin Luther King's Words

I was thrilled beyond words to be invited to be the voice coach on this secret project which happened today.

The event was part of Freedom City 2017, produced by Wunderbar and Mortal Fools for Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller.

Fifty years ago on this very day, Martin Luther King made what was to be his final speech outside of the US. It happened in Newcastle, at the university where I teach and, in the King's Hall, where my students perform.

To commemorate this occasion, people across the city of Newcastle been recited parts of this speech, echoing the words fifty years since they were last heard.

It was a really amazing project. I got the chance help people with vocal confidence (some participants hadn't spoken in a public forum previously).

Click here to hear Martin Luther King's 1967 speech made at Newcastle University.

Click here to read an article on the BBC website entitled, "Artist Jeremy Deller helps Newcastle recreate Martin Luther King's Speech."

Find out more about artist Jeremy Deller

Voice Coach: Pippa Anderson

Director: Anna Ryder


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