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I was lucky that Pippa is practically up the road to where I live. She is world-class amazing... the most passionate person about singing and the voice I have ever met!

I never really thought of myself as a 'singer' until I met Pippa. She has taught me so much about the science behind the singing voice and how to care for yourself as a singer to ensure the best outcome when performing and recording.

Thanks to Pippa, I am enjoying treating singing as an athlete would their sport! Since working with her, I have absorbed some of her sheer passion for the voice and now implement what she has taught me so far on a daily basis. 



Creative and singer.

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Back in 2015, I was an aspiring singer with the lowest level of self-confidence. I had crippling performance anxiety and was unable to perform to my full potential. Like something from a superhero movie, Pippa arrived with her straws and Pilates bands in hand, and I haven’t looked back ever since. The vital thing to know is that Pippa doesn’t solely focus on making you “sound good” - she takes you on a journey of self-discovery. She challenges you, encourages you and supports you. If you want to find your authentic voice and artistic identity, make Pippa your guide.



Singer and vocal coach

Working with Pippa has helped me, not just as a singer, but as a person. I had so many dreams and aspirations before I started my lessons, but I had no idea what to do with any of them. I knew I loved singing and I knew what my interests were, but I didn’t know what was possible for me. Pippa has brought things out in me which I fully believe no one else could have, she is the best possible choice for a teacher, mentor or anything to do with the art of singing and the voice! She has so many interests that there will always be something in common, this has allowed me to really come to terms with what I want from singing and where I want to take it. I love learning about the anatomy of the voice and expanding my knowledge on vocal health and technique. I can’t wait to teach students of my own and bring as much joy to them as Pippa brings to me. I couldn’t imagine continuing a singing career without Pippa by my side!



Actor and singer.

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Working with Pippa Anderson has been one of the most important moves I have taken towards achieving a successful career in the arts industry. I have learned so much about my own voice, and I have grown in strength and confidence owing to her incredibly insightful and well researched vocal techniques. Pippa has helped me find my voice. I cannot recommend her enough



Singer, songwriter and vocal coach

I love singing lessons with Pippa. She has a wealth of knowledge and puts 100% into every lesson. I always feel inspired and more confident after the lessons. Her energy and passion is great. Not just a vocal coach but a fantastic mentor too. 5*****



Assistant producer , Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Pippa came in to help our Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) cast adjust to the auditorium at Northern Stage when our tour was in Newcastle. She came highly recommended and I would have no problem recommending her. She was extremely easy to work with and was very flexible with our schedule. The cast found her tips and techniques incredibly helpful especially on how to sustain their voices on a demanding tour.

Pride & Prejudice (*sort of) is a unique and colourful take on the definitive rom-com by Tron Theatre Company and Blood of the Young. It was one of Broadway World's shows of the decade!



Pippa has the heart, mind and soul of a true artist. Her ability to hear the beauty in every human voice is second to none, but what if you can’t hear it in yourself? Pippa helped me find my true voice even when I didn’t know if it was there. Her patience, empathy and endless warmth made learning a true joy. She keeps you safe, yet always pushes you to be brave.



I’ve been working with Pippa for 5 years now and my voice and technique has improved drastically. Always learning something knew every session with her expertise and guidance. Can’t recommend her enough!


I was trained by Pippa when I was at college at the age of 18/19. She was always pushing me to take better care of my voice not just my singing voice but my speaking voice too.  As my career bloomed I was working in extremely loud environments (nightlife and cabaret clubs) and her advice has always stuck with me.

It has been five years since I last saw Pippa and booking in with her recently was the best thing I could have done whilst pursuing the first stages of my singing career. Pippa is more than a vocal coach, she is a believer, she is a nurturer - almost like fairy godmother! If she sees something in you she will do whatever it takes for you to see it too. Honestly, is that not everything you want in a singing teacher? 


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I attended a voice workshop with Pippa at Both Feet. Pippa put everyone at ease and created a safe environment for everybody to learn. Pippa has a wealth of knowledge and is great at sharing that with her students.



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Working with Pippa, you come to truly understand the intricacies of the art form that many other teachers are ignorant too. She works incredibly hard to find what works for you and to unlock your true potential. I achieved things I never thought possible working with her. She is always on the forefront in terms of new techniques, research papers and books about the voice and uses these findings along with tried and tested methods to teach you lessons you will never forget. It's been invaluable working with her


Actor, singer, dancer.

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