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Voice Geek Conference 2019

At the Voice Geek Conference 2019, I shared my research on preventing voice issues for actors and singers (my favourite subject). In this picture you can also see a wonderful voice pedagogue, the rather marvellous Jenevora Williams. #voiceworkshop The Vocal Room were there in force, Hannah and I had a great time. So many fab presentations. It was very inspiring.

It's World Voice Day!

Today, to celebrate World Voice Day I delivered a Voice Care Workshop at Theatre Royal Newcastle for actors in training from Project A and Skara in Sweden (who had only had 4 hours sleep due to their plane flight...hardcore!) This was part of an initiative by The Vocal Room to support the British Voice Association and spread the word about healthy voices. Hannah Taylor delivered a second session at Blast Recording studios. The workshop was for young aspiring CCM vocalists in the region.



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