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I'm a BAPAM Registered Practitioner!

I'm stoked to say that exactly 10 days ago I became a BAPAM Registered Practitioner (Vocal Rehabilitation Coach)! This means I have passed stringent competencies to be able to talk about vocal health and advise and support those with vocal problems. I'll be added to the list of practitioners on the website asap but in the meantime, I am good to go and can do my bit for our industry. All performers should be aware of the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) who deliver specialist health support to performing artists. We all work so hard, it's really great to know that there are people out there who have our backs when we become ill or get injured.

Voice Workshop at Teesside University

I had a great time with the 3rd year students on the BA Performing Arts programme at Teesside University. There was lots of vocal fun, everything from vocal health to voicing for gaming. Thank you to the for inviting me.

NE CEN and The Elite Voice Clinic

Thanks to the NE Voice Clinical Excellence Network for inviting Natalie Eastwood (SLT) and I, to talk about the work we do at Freeman Hospital in the Elite Voice Clinic. The session was held at Chester-Le-Street Hospital where we had a really interesting afternoon discussing vocal rehabilitation for performers. We explored different methods and techniques and we got to highlight the need for specialist voice clinics. The Freeman can now take referrals from any voice clinic in the area and performers can get to work with a multidisciplinary team.



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