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Voice Work for Teachers and Lecturers

I love speaking at conferences. Today, I delivered a bespoke session on voice for teachers and lecturers at the NEPS Conference at Newcastle University. Newcastle Educational Practice Scheme (NEPS) is a supportive and personalised route to Fellowship of Advanced HE. Thank you for having me.

ICMUS Postgraduate Student Research Conference.

Just had a fabulous couple of days at Newcastle University attending and presenting at the ICMUS Postgraduate Student Research Conference. This is the second conference I've present at this academic year. It was really great to get an insight into everyone else's work. And, I really loved hearing my primary supervisor - the wonderful Professor Clarke - give the key note speech. Well done to all involved! #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #voiceresearch #vocalrehabilitation #vocalhealth #slt



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