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Voice Workshops for Actors - Vocal Health and SO MUCH MORE!

I am pleased to announce that there are two more workshops for actors at Newcastle Theatre Royal! (You can just book one or join me for both, whatever suits).

1. 'Connect Four'.

Thursday 27th June 2019.

This session will focus on connecting 1. the breath to 2. the speaking voice and 3. the singing voice. We will also look at performance anxiety strategies and taking control of number 4. the mind.

2. 'More Than Words; Vocal Extremes'.

25th July 2019.

In this final session in this series we will explore extreme vocalising; character voicing, the shout, the scream and the belt. Additionally, you will be given ways to access the smallest sounds that you are capable of making (just for fun). This workshop will focus primarily on the speaking voice.

As ever, in both workshops there will be plenty of useful tips and tricks to help you understand how your voice works and take control of it.

Tickets available here.

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